Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Which I Begin My Four-Day Retreat

I am taking advantage of this four-day Thanksgiving weekend to retreat from my everyday schedule. I am not going anywhere - just staying holed up at home - but taking a break from my computer screen, errands, smart phone, and email. I do have Thanksgiving dinner plans but after that the only company I will be keeping is my own. 

Some folks plan a Writing Retreat in which they take a few days off for solitary, uninterrupted time to work on a creative project. I am switching that up. As of today, I am on a No-Writing Retreat. 

Here are my simple rules:

Screen time - None. That means no blog entries, no checking email, no online reading, no mindless surfing, no phone calls. I am putting my laptop in the closet and turning off my phone. And no television. Oh, wait. I don't have one. Well, I won't be watching any movies on my laptop either.

Writing - The only writing I will do is by hand. That means I can catch up on handwritten correspondence, brainstorm some plans for 2014, continue with entries on my book card catalog, and perhaps do a bit of sketching. I am looking forward to having my fountain pen in my hand.

Reading - Oh my. I have so many books in my To Be Read pile that I don't really know where to start. Perhaps with At Home
(that seems appropriate) by Bill Bryson, Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and As We Were by E.F. Benson. 

Domestic projects - There are a few projects here at home that I would like to work on before the end of the year - a bit of filing, decluttering, rearranging, etc. I also plan to take some time to sort and sift through books that I might be willing to send to another good home - donated or gifted away. (Perhaps this means a book giveaway or two from Belle, Book, and Candle. Stay tuned!)

In preparation for these four days, I have stocked up on food. I bought a new blend of herbal loose tea to sip on while I think. I have some yummy oatmeal/cranberry cookies from a local bakery to munch on. And I made a pot of vegetable-lentil soup that should last me a while and provide warmth and nutrition.

I don't plan on going anywhere in the car except to the park (five minutes away) where I walk every day. I kind of have a schedule in mind as to how I will spend each day but nothing written in stone. Let it unfold. Lots of naps. I want this time to be relaxing and quiet and not governed by a mighty To Do List.

So I will see you back here on Monday, December 2. I trust I will be rested, refreshed and refueled.


  1. You're just full of great ideas this week, Belle. Hope your retreat is refreshing and renewing and filled with good stuff. See you in a few days.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Maybe that's what I should do over Thanksgiving next year. Enjoy every moment!!