Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Creating A Personal Library Catalog - A Plan Begins to Form

A place to begin...
In thinking more about my entry yesterday on cataloging my personal library, and in response to your comments, I think I will at least inventory the older books that I own. These would be the ones that I have bought at used books stores or found at sales and also the books that came from my family home. 

I am not sure I need to have an inventory of all of the books that I have - although they are all on my bookshelves for a reason. 

I tell myself that I can take baby steps and catalog five books a day or even just one. The part of the project (I don't really need another project, but there you are) that appeals to me is the chance to handle each book and find out where it was published, when it was published, and any other surprises or secrets that the book might hold - perhaps a personal inscription or a vintage bookmark or newspaper clipping tucked between its pages. 

I will let you all know how the plan goes. 

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