Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Creative Retreat

Today didn't start out to be a creative retreat but it ended up being just that. I have jumped (albeit slowly) from reading to writing to working on a watercolor piece over and over all day.

I finished up Second Reading and then moved online to read the remaining 37 essays. I liked the ones on books that made it to the book better.

I did some writing for a project that I am working on and then pulled out my watercolors to begin an entry into our State Fair that is coming up this month. I have taken a few watercolor classes and this summer worked privately with an instructor whose work I admire. I am someone who needs a deadline to get myself motivated, so I entered the fair, something I have never, ever considered doing, and now I have to complete something to show.

I also took a nice nap, sipped iced tea and lemonade, and snacked on a few roasted almonds.

All in all a lovely, quiet day.

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