Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A quest for the perfect reading pillow

Mystery author G.M. Malliet
Finished up Death at the Alma Mater. I do think author G.M. Malliet pulled a few tricks out of her hat in coming up with the denouement. I found myself saying "Huh?" now and again. But it was a fun read nonetheless. I see from her website that that is the last of the Inspector St. Just mysteries that she has written.

I spent most of my morning trying to get my new computer set up like I like it. A never ending battle. Thank heavens for Google. I Googled many questions on how to change certain settings and voila! someone else had already had the same problem and I found answers.

My new quest is to find the perfect back pillow for reading in bed. It seems that no matter how I arrange the sleeping pillows (of which there are six), I have not yet found the perfect combination. Anyone have a suggestion?

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