Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day trip to Berea

Today, I am off on a day trip to Berea, Kentucky. It is the home of Berea College, Boone Tavern, and at least two bookstores. 

Berea College is a liberal arts school that charges no tuition and most of its 1500, low-income students come mainly from the Appalachian region of the state. All students work at least 10 hours a week or more on the campus. It is known for encouraging traditional art and craft from the Appalachians such as weaving, woodworking, and textile arts and the shops are filled with handmade items. 

I suspect, though, that I will be coming home with a book or two.


  1. I will be interested in hearing about your day trip, the college, which sounds innovative (though is that 1855 its founding date?), and, of course, what books you might bring home. Safe travel.

    1. Yes, 1855 is the founding date of the college. It has a shady, tree-filled campus featuring sturdy brick buildings. Very traditional.