Friday, March 22, 2013

Wild Woman, Wild Strawberries

Crazy woman as I am, I just e-mailed Avena at Robie Books and asked her to send me the hardcover copy of Wild Strawberries by Angela Thirkell. I had the book in my hand the other day when visiting the store in Berea but it didn't make it to the cash register with me. 

What was I thinking?

It was such a sweet copy with a pink dust jacket. I hope it is still on the shelf. Although there were a couple of Thirkell books available, this was the only one of hers in a hardcover edition.

You know how a book can haunt you? Well, letting this one go has been haunting me so I am banishing that little apparition by having the real thing sent to me. The postage will be cheaper than the tank of gas it would take to drive back to the store!

And that, gentle readers, is my book-buying adventure for the day.


  1. Good for you, Belle. Being one who has a love for books and for booksellers, I certainly understand.

    1. Isn't it crazy the things we will do for a book? Avena has already written me back and is holding the copy for me awaiting my check.