Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fired up!

Yesterday I ran into an acquaintance at the post office. She is an illustrator and she told me that her 'creative team' had a digital app that had been selling well. She explained that it was an interactive book - an adult fairy tale - with music, pop-up illustrations, and sound effects. It sounded like fun and she said I could get it through Amazon on my Kindle Fire for the amazing price of 99 cents.

I am not an app buyer and am not intrigued with the offerings of the app stores. But, I took the bait on this one and ordered it this morning thinking it would make for a positive blog post. I was very disappointed. Although the idea of tapping the screen and hearing music or seeing bubbles floating up through the text or experiencing the sound of rain and thunder is very clever, the narrative is so forced and ugly and not in the least bit funny that after one chapter I was ready to give up. But I plowed on through Chapter Two and then closed the book (as it were) in disgust.

I can't imagine that this woman and her 'team' thought that this tale was in any way amusing. If it had been a proper book I would have thrown it across the room. 

I doubted if I could return this digital nightmare and get my money back but I called Amazon anyway.  To my delight, Craig of the App Store Customer Service Desk said he would make a one-time exception and issue me a refund. I told him him the app was so awful that I didn't even want it on my Kindle as a reminder. He assured me it would disappear. 

Thank you Craig.

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