Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree

I am wanting to have built-in bookshelves added to my living room/library this coming year. My white Billy shelves from Ikea have served me well, but built-ins are so much sturdier and would give me much more shelf room for my ever-expanding library.

So, I have been following with interest Claire's weekend posts of photos: Library Lust. All year, I have dutifully noted bookshelf designs featured in the pictures which will help me come up with my own design.

Today's Library Lust photo, with its pared down holiday decorations and fresh flowers, prompted a discussion in the comments about our own style of Christmas decor. Some commentors favor lots of tinsel and light, while others are more sedate in their choosings.

I described the simple, but I think elegant, tabletop Christmas tree that I created this year and thought I would just go ahead and post a photo of it. It is a 6-inch pine cone with glitter on the tips of the branches. It rests on a silver wreath-like ornament which in turn sits on a small black tray. The 'star' on the top is a pearl earring, one of my mother's, which really adds some class and a bit of sentiment, don't you think? 

Not much room for presents, but just think how easy it will be for me to "take down the Christmas decorations."  More time for reading.

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