Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best Christmas Present Ever

The Fulton Desk
from Restoration Hardware
My very last Christmas present was delivered today.

I ordered this desk from Restoration Hardware in September and today, the day after Boxing Day, it arrived. It is the Fulton Desk, a part of RH's Big Style Small Spaces collection. 

I certainly qualify as my space is quite small.

It measures a tidy 55"W x 24"D x 31"H. What I like about this piece is that it is quite sleek and it doesn't appear as a big lump of furniture. The two shelves on the right-hand side are perfect for storing just a pretty box or two to hide any sort of office paraphernalia that I might need. 

The top and shelves are made of antique reclaimed elm doors. They are very distressed which doesn't distress me at all. In fact, I find the imperfections to be fascinating. Who wants perfect?

Up until now I have been balancing my laptop on the arm of my reading chair. From this day forward, I will actually have room to spread out papers and books and notes and work and that makes me very happy. 


  1. Great looking desk - so functional and so you. I can't wait to actually meet this charming addition to your home!

    Rocking and swiveling in the new additions to my humble abode,


  2. Thanks Sharron. Most likely it will become another flat space to pile books!

  3. Too much Scandinavian Aesthetics for my own tastes but whatever works for you is the key!

    1. Believe me, this is way outside my usual traditional purchase. I am trying to update my style a bit! In situ, it looks great.