Friday, October 25, 2013

Chimney Rock, North Carolina - October 25, 2013

This was another travel day. We are in Chimney Rock, North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains outside of Asheville. The fall colors have not quite hit the leaves yet, but the cool temperatures are here in spades. It is 35 degrees and is going to drop ten more degrees before the night is over.

I am sorry to report that we didn't really have any literary adventures.

We did make a spontaneous stop at the little town of Newberry, South Carolina, home to Newberry College, a liberal arts school with a little over 1000 students. We only saw about three of them on our drive through the campus. We couldn't find the Wessels Library which serves the students and faculty.

The only bookstore we saw on our drive down Newberry's Main Street was next to a shady looking place called Jeze Belle's. The front windows of the bookstore were totally covered up with brown kraft paper. We weren't sure, what with a spot called Jeze Belle's next door, exactly what kind of books were sold there!

According to the Web, though, Jeze Belle's was simply a pub that is closed for business and the bookstore was probably perfectly legitimate. We may have missed our chance to browse, but we did find a bakery and bought some killer oatmeal cookies and chocolate truffles. All was not lost.

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