Sunday, October 20, 2013

McDonough, Georgia - October 20, 2013

There is not much literary going on in McDonough, Georgia, our first stop on the Grand Southern Literary Tour 2013. It is one of those perfect little Southern towns laid out on a square. Sometimes the middle of the square holds the courthouse; however, in McDonough there is a war memorial. Civil War, of course. Or as they call it here - The Great Northern Aggression.

Rose and I walked the square which was set up with all different Halloween straw-men, straw-women, and even a straw-chef. It was a cool afternoon with cornflower blue skies and a very bright sun.

We did find one bookstore, Dawg-Eared Books, but it was closed and sadly had a Going Out of Business sign in the window. We peeked through the window and saw shelves full of books and Rose and I would have been very content to browse a while.

Here are a few of the folks we met on the Square:

We spotted Scarlett O-Scare-A
and her beau Rhett Butler.

Then we came upon Vincent Van Gogh at his easel. If you look closely you will see his severed ear in his pocket.
Earlier in the day, we ate lunch at a restored train depot in Dalton, Georgia. The entire town was decorated with peacocks and we couldn't resist this one. 


  1. Hope your trip is a thoroughly satisfying one on all fronts. I'm always sorry to hear of a bookshop going out of business, and I liked the name of that one. Sounds like it carried used books perhaps?

    1. Hi Kathy. I wasn't very clear. The bookshop is still in business it was just closed for that day, but it did have the going out of business signs in the window. I suppose it is not long for this world, but the shelves I could see through the window were packed with books.

  2. I'm so excited to witness this leg of your literary tour, Belle, and look forward two whatever you have time to post. I love trips in the fall. They seem to bring out the whimsy in folks, as witnessed here by Scarlett and Rhett, as well as Mr. Van Gogh.

    1. Hi Penny. I so enjoyed the autumn display in this small town. Seems as if all sorts of organizations and individuals participated. Great fun!