Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twelve Sights of October

My walks this month have been filled with the scents and the colors of the season's change from hot summer days to cooler autumn weather...a reward for slogging through the humid heat of the past few months.

I have spotted the following in the park as I trudge around the walking track and if you will read my little offering aloud as you would sing The Twelve Days of Christmas, you will get a glimpse of the things I have seen:

Twelve geese a flying
Eleven bees a buzzing
Ten leaves a falling
Nine asters blooming
Eight woollies crawling
Seven maples turning
Six dogs a romping
Five fluffy clouds
Four fishermen
Three grasshoppers
Two gray squirrels
and a warm sun shining on all.


  1. I love this post! I might steal the idea... :) We are still waiting for our first cold front--it has been hot and muggy all week, and I am soooo ready for some crisp fall weather.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Steal away! I had fun working this out on my walks.

      I am headed your way in a day or two so I hope the Hot and Muggy vanishes before I arrive. I am just getting used to the autumn temperatures!